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The Netherlands

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‘… Outside the cold wind is howling around the corners of my house and sleet and squalls of driving rain are gusting through the naked dripping branches of the trees. I am shuddering with cold because my studio is large and fuel is now so scarce. But still, if I close my eyes … I’m back in Bali. It is as if I can smell the sweet intoxicating scents of the trees and flowers, and hear the sweet splatter of playful streams and waterfalls running between the paddy fields, and feel the sweet breeze gently caressing my temples. And in my mind, as an infinite film, I see hundreds of delightful images passing. My Bali is so beautiful…’

From: From: Elseviers monthly [Elseviers Maandschrift], reviewing Dr. Krause’s works. And from: The artist W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp: About his life & his works; Building & wandering, page 137.